Gothic Hideaway "Never-Ending" Story

Well, Kyle and I decided the site needed more content, sooo we are going to start writing a story. Umm, not sure what exactly it is going to be about yet, nor if it will even stay on topic lol. But yea, here goes nothing!
Sean [11-8-04]
     Drip, drip, drip... That is all you can hear, the noise echoes in your head so loudly that it hurts to hear it. You try to figure out where you are, but it is too dark to see anything and your eyes haven't adjusted to the darkness yet. You go to feel for any object to help you find your bearings, but you notice your arms are bound to the table behind you. By the feel of it, it is a thick, strong leather.
Sean [11-9-04]
You let your eyes adjust to the darkness, and as your surroundings reveal themselves to you, you notice you are in a room straight out of mediaeval times. There are all sorts of torture devices around you. As you turn to the right you are shocked to see mediaeval times meet 21st Century. There is a big computer screen up against one far wall with wires and tubes travelling from the computer to the back of the table you're attached to. The computer makes a little beeping noise and you feel a slite static shock in your temples. After your vision unblurs after the shock, you notice information being displayed on the screen of the computer. You are too far away to read what it says, and you can hear something being printed out on a printer, you assume it's the data on the screen. You lay back against the table, then try pulling on the leather again, but it is no use, it is too strong. You close your eyes and try to remember anything that will help you figure out where you are and what happened to you.
If you would like to add onto this story, e-mail me at [email protected].